Establish Stronger and Responsive Leadership in our City Administration 

We will provide all city departments and services with the leadership they need to effectively serve the citizens of Garrett and work together as a team to serve our community.

  • Ensure that City Staff and Employees provide our city’s services with courtesy and respect.
    • Our administration and employees should be willing to go the extra mile to see that all residents and businesses are satisfied with the service they are receiving.
  • I will involve more decision making to the members of city council and department heads so that more ideas may be brought to the table through their various expertise
  • Appointments to fill board and commission vacancies should be open to the public Tonya and Senator Dennis Kruse
    • I plan to make applications available to any Garrett Citizen who is interested, via paper application in City Hall or electronic on the City’s website
  • Move the Board of Works meeting to 5:30pm so not only City Employees may attend, but also community members.  (Currently the meetings are at 8:00am)
  • As a six-year councilmember, I realize the need for our city's Council members to have detailed information on issues within our city to make informed decisions
    • Therefore, I will confer with the common council members before each council meeting to better inform them of city issues and ask their input and community concerns and involve them in
  • Eliminate Inefficiencies in our City Government
    • Streamline operations and reevaluate every operation and expenditure to save the people of Garrett money
  • Implement an appeals process regarding utility billing
  • We will set up a Neighborhood Emergency Liaison in various parts of the City to help citizens in cases of crises,
    • such as tornados, natural disasters, train derailment, ice storms, boil-water advisory, etc.
  • In partnership with the Police and Fire Department, we should have a training session for high school and young adult residents willing to be trained in crowd control and first aid relief
    • Currently, if Garrett were to experience a crisis, we wouldn't have the resources to properly stabilize the situation
  • Investigate installing Webcams in city parks for parents to monitor their children

Build a Broader Sense of Hometown Pride

I look forward to working with community organizations and leaders in a city wide beautification project, to bring Garrett back to its days of charm and a sense of hometown pride.

Support Local Businesses and Aggressively Pursue Economic Development

Our city administration can do more to support city businesses and aggressively pursue new businesses to bring jobs and economic development to our city and region.

  • We need to move toward a comprehensive plan to encourage growth and development in a logical pattern by aggressively pursuing new funding from state and federal sources
    • There are businesses and resources in our community that we can work to better advertise and make knownTonya at the Wastewater System
  • No pay hikes for public officials when Garrett is in a budget crunch
    Our city should connect Forest Park Drive from Taylor Road to North Randolph Street
    • This could add a major possibilities for development, industry, and new jobs
  • We should have available a “Garrett Fact Sheet” to promote Garrett and to have available to prospective developers.
  • Work more closely with our local Chamber of Commerce and The Office of DeKalb County Economic Development Partnership to plan strategies to bring more business and industry into Garrett.
  • It is of utmost importance that our city departments have the necessary and proper equipment to properly, effectively, and efficiently do their jobs
    • One way to do this so to actively update and be aware of all needs of city departments
  • We will number both city-owned utility polls and transformers so that repairs and maintenance can be more efficient and so that citizens may more easily report problems (such as light outages in alleys)
  • We should only grant tax abatements (exemption from paying local taxes) to businesses and industries that will provide good paying jobs

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